Contiki launches its first-ever nine-day South Korea adventure in March 2024, thanks to growing demand

With as many as 43% of Aussies considering a trip to Asia in the next 12 months, social travel brand Contiki is responding to the increased demand by announcing that it will be the first youth tour operator to release a South Korean tour.


The nine-day trip begins and ends in Seoul, and includes unforgettable experiences including a high-speed rail journey to Busan, plus a stopover at Jeonju – the UNESCO World Heritage town known for its traditional ambience and local hospitality.

In and around the capital, travellers will have the chance to visit Gangnam, made famous worldwide by Psy’s smash hit song ‘Gangnam Style’, along with Seongsu – once known as a shoe-making district and now heralded as one of South Korea’s most exciting shopping districts.

Among the included experiences is a trip to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), where on a clear day you can look over the border into North Korea, a visit to the Awon Hanok Gallery and of course, plenty of authentic cuisine – including a Korean BBQ dinner on the final night.

Alongside this, travellers will have the chance to discover Busan by night on board a private yacht, watch a baseball game and star in their very own K-pop music video.

“Over the past few years, South Korea has become a powerhouse for popular culture,” says Taryn Welsh, Operations Director, Asia at Contiki who helped design the itinerary.

“It’s now one of the most sought-after travel destinations among 18-35s globally, thanks in no small part to movies and TV shows such as Parasite and Squid Game, plus the rising popularity of K-pop and K-beauty.”

“And with Contiki, they don’t need to worry about the language barriers, navigation, transport or anything like that. Our Trip Manager and local guide take care of all this for them, so they’re free to relax and enjoy their trip.”


To vicariously experience all the incredible things you can try on the tour to South Korea, Contiki sent Aussie travel enthusiasts and social media stars Nathan Lust (@nathanlust), Samantha Andrew (@samanthandrew1), Onye (@onyedkwe) and Shayla Jay (@shaylajay ) on a sneak peek for The Contiki Korea-nival; a month-long “festival” on TikTok about all the niches that people love about South Korea.

From a K-Pop dance class to visiting Awon Hanok (a trendy BTS music video spot) to trying some of Korea’s quirkiest cuisine, make sure you’re following @ContikiTravel on TikTok for first looks at all the unique cultural experiences that South Korea has on offer. 

Managing Director of Contiki Toni Ambler shared: “Contiki bookings to Asia have increased by 264% year on year, so we are excited to be able to respond to this increased demand and make South Korea more accessible to Aussie travellers.”

“The new South Korea tour provides the perfect opportunity to explore a whole part of the world that's rich in culture, experiences, architecture, and delicious cuisine. It's a brilliant addition to our extensive list of tour offerings and we are thrilled to add it to our growing list of destinations.”

To see a whole new part of the world, head over to the website to book a tour here, with departures beginning in March 2024.                                                                                      

One trip itinerary with 8 departures in 2024, first departing March 2024

200 passengers globally to be booked        
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