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Caravan Industry Association of Australia is celebrating the success of the Commonwealth Government's $10 million Caravan Park Infrastructure Grants.

The funding allocated under the October 2022 Federal budget has allowed a significant injection into the backbone of domestic tourism, with infrastructure enhancements for 111 caravan parks across the country, fostering improved inclusive, high-quality, and memorable customer experiences.

The allocated funding came off the back of the lobbying efforts by Caravan Industry Association of Australia in having the industry recognised as a key contributor to the Australian economy and large regional and rural economic driver through domestic tourism.

Thanks to the grants, the country has seen significant upgrades in accessible accommodation and amenities.  The improvements have primarily been directed towards enriching the customer experience, providing travellers with top-notch facilities that offer unmatched value for money.

Stuart Lamont, CEO, shared, "This is not just a win for the caravan industry but for every Australian and international visitor who wishes to experience the best that our nation has to offer.
 Through Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s persistent efforts, we were able to spotlight the genuine needs of the industry and the travellers.  This investment is a testament to what can be achieved through collaboration, joint investment and a shared vision."

“A caravan and camping experience offers a unique consumer offering which is both closest to nature and disperses Australians across this great country of ours.  Seeing some of the grants come to life over the last six months has been really exciting, from accessible camp kitchens to cabin and site development, through to new family friendly infrastructure.”

However, while these upgrades mark a commendable achievement, the need for a second round of funding is palpable.  With every dollar invested, there is an anticipated 3 to 1 investment, making it a high-return activity for the public acquittal.

With the industry's recent moves to increase the focus on ensuring accessible accommodation options and sustainable eco-tourism, "to genuinely realise our goal of a sustainable tourism future, and to ensure we continue offering world-class experiences, further funding support is essential. While we are grateful for the funding injection, as the number one accommodation provider for regional domestic nights out in regional Australia there is a still a way to go to really get the support that the industry and regional Australia deserves," said Stuart.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia remains committed to championing for more support to assist caravan parks realise their potential and offer quality drive tourism offerings right around Australia.
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